The Evolution of the IBM i Architecture – from the AS/400 (and Before!) to Today (and Tomorrow!)

Track: Ai, machine learning & BI
Speaker: Steve Will

November 7, 2019
5:00 pm – 5:50 pm

The IBM i operating system is not Unix; it’s not Windows; and it’s certainly not Linux. This session describes the architecture of the operating system which had its origins in the System/38’s Control Program Facility, but which has evolved as it has been the basis of the AS/400 and its descendants. If you’ve started using the platform in the past decade or so, this session will teach you why things are “different” on IBM i. If you’ve been on the platform since “the beginning” it will provide a refresher, as well as teaching you about the key differentiators of today’s IBM i. This presentation will include architectural changes required by the most recent functional enhancements of IBM i.

Session overview
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