Benelux Power 2023

Benelux Power 2020, the annual 3 country flagship event, will be a virtual edition on 25 November

Workshops and deep dives, presentations,  i-Chats, networking and Excellence Awards

With IBM Rochester Business Architects, IBM Montpellier Experts
and World Renowned US & European industry experts:

  • Scott Forstie, Business Architect Db2 for i, IBM USA,
  • Tim Rowe, Business Architect for Application Development, IBM USA,
  • Jean-Luc Bonhommet, European New Technology Introduction, IBM France,
  • Ludovic Menard, Consultant IBM i, IBM France,
  • Birgitta Hauser, “Queen of SQL”, Toolmakers, Germany,
  • Carol Woodbury, IBM i Security Founder & Guru, DXR Security, USA,
  • Koen Decorte, Application Development & Open Source Expert, CD Invest Belgium,
  • Rudi van Helvoirt, Systems Management Expert, van Helvoirt Automatisering, Netherlands.

registrations opening soon

Benelux Power Excellence Awards

Get world acclaim on 25 November by showcasing the solutions you are proud of.

Two categories:

  • Systems Management or Security,
  • Application development or Database. 

Submission last date: 11 November

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